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Bringing to stages and a variety of venues throughout the Pacific Northwest a fire born of their passion for theatre and a take-no-prisoners professionalism continually sharpened and polished by their years of extensive experience in theatre, film, and television, Michael S. Fox and Victoria Weller, partners in the touring theatrical company FoxWell Productions, come together to make magic onstage, and leave their audiences enthralled.

Foxwell Productions Battle of the Sexes

Mining the rich and comic ore of the inability of men and women to effectively communicate with each other, FoxWell capitalizes on a theme well understood and enthusiastically appreciated by its audiences . For every woman who has been driven to distraction by her husband’s adamant insistence on becoming lost rather than accepting directions, and for every man who has shaken his head in wonder at his wife’s alarmingly peculiar sense of logic, the laughs start early and continue to the final curtain.

With razor-sharp timing and a finely nuanced sense of interpretation and delivery, Fox and Weller masterfully exploit the witty, often farcical humor of the diverse and well-chosen productions they select to perform each season, and leave their delighted audiences overcome with laughter. As actors, directors, producers, teachers, and writers, they share a long history of passion for excellence in the performing arts, and are bringing to local audiences the polished and professional performances that can only be achieved with talent, training, and time.

Foxwell Productions Michael S. Fox

As a touring company headquartered on the beautiful south coast of Oregon, FoxWell Productions also performs in Washington, California, and Idaho, and is available for bookings in those states.

Specializing in comedies and variety shows ranging from cabaret style to dinner theatre to traditional proscenium staging, FoxWell Productions has the flexibility to tailor its shows to the specific requirements of a variety of venues and time considerations, from formal theatres to art galleries, bookstores, parks, restaurants, and lounges.

In any place, at any time, Fox and Weller can be counted on to provide a broad and exciting range of top-rung theatre experiences that are often surprising, always impressive, and invariably unforgettable.

What they have to offer is not to be missed!

Foxwell Productions Victoria Weller

Michael S. Fox and Victoria Weller

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