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"It Had To Be You"

A Peek At A FoxWell Rehearsal...

Before the performance, before the lights, before the costumes, and before the makeup, comes the work of professionals; exacting, demanding, perfection-driven work that asks everything a performer has to give, and then asks more.

At FoxWell Productions, where no detail is too minor to be overlooked, no badly-timed gesture is shrugged off, and no misspoken word is dismissed as part of the game, rehearsals are a time in which to not only strive for the definitive reading of a work, but also to alter timing by half a beat, adjust a nuance by the slightest vocal inflection, and reinterpret a reaction with a barely perceptible tilt of the head-- all in the quest of providing our audience with the ultimate theatre experience.

Michael S. Fox and Victoria Weller

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