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Michael S. Fox began his training in theatre in New York as a teenaged apprentice to Luke Bragg, a writer, director, composer, lyricist, and “song & dance man” who had hoofed his way along Broadway.  Fox learned how one person could create a play from the ground up and eventually took over Bragg’s program; he went on to earn a BA degree in Performing Arts at the University of Washington.  While in Seattle, he continued acting, directing, and producing in various venues, including developing and performing the role of Lenny Bruce as a nightclub cabaret act.
In Brookings, Oregon, he served as Artistic Director of The Chetco Pelican Players at The Performing Arts Center.  Working primarily as a director, he staged many shows and performed in several, as well.   
Fox advanced the role of the performing arts on the Oregon south coast with M&L Productions, a theatre company and educational institute for young people.  M&L eventually became a cabaret nightclub, offering classes, and evening entertainment.  While importing comedy acts, Fox continued to direct, including his own creation, a participation murder mystery, Murder Is News.
Victoria Weller found her inner extrovert in theatre.  After earning an MA in Communications at Southern Oregon University, she cut her performing teeth in community theatre and went on to a professional career of several years, gypsying to regional theatres from Seattle/Tacoma to Portland to Boise to Sacramento to two seasons with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in both Portland and Ashland.  Her favorite educational experience as an actor was an informal one-on-one two week acting seminar with David Suchet (RSC and Poirot) on the set of Harry and the Hendersons.
Weller has taught theatre arts and directed plays at the high school, community college, and community theatre levels; she also conducted workshops for students and seniors at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  In Brookings, she became involved in The Chetco Pelican Players, directing, performing, and serving on the Board of Directors.

Fox and Weller now work exclusively as FoxWell Productions, which they founded in 2003 as a theatrical touring company, dedicated to excellence in theatre arts.  Both of them perform, direct, write, teach, and produce shows in various types of venues.  Collectively their careers in theatre, film, and TV span over 50 years.  The magic they create onstage is the result of two lifetimes in the theatre.

Michael S. Fox and Victoria Weller

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