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Here at FoxWell we welcome feedback, and we're delighted to share with you the reactions we've received from presenters, audiences, and the press...

Following our big fundraising event for 2006, a FoxWell Productions’ mounting of “The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)”, I can't say enough about these people!  Their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail was outstanding, and the show was a huge success— we’re thrilled with the results.  The audience had a fabulous time— the laughter went on and on, and a week later people are still talking about it! Financially, we did even better than we'd hoped, and the event was everything we could have asked.  In all that they did, and the incredible effort they put into it, there’s no doubt in my mind that FoxWell gave us five times our money’s worth.
— Elizabeth Kuljis, Soroptimist International of Gold Beach, Events Coordinator

"We love to present FoxWell Productions in our lounge. They always deliver a sharp, professional show full of laughs. Our patrons raise the roof with the sound of laughter. FoxWell always handles their end of the promotion, they come in prepared to set up quickly, and strike promptly and thoroughly afterward. They are very easy to work with. Best of all, they've developed a following among our patrons. We continue to have them back, again and again."
— Marlene Enright, Ship Ashore Resort

"It was a pleasure to work with FoxWell Productions. Their performance of It Had To Be You was entertaining and very well received by the Florence audience. They were professional both on stage and off. We hope to have them back for an encore performance!"
— Kevin Rhodes, Florence Events Center

"We had sold-out dinner theatre with FoxWell Productions' Love Letters. A thoroughly enjoyable evening indeed! We have also had very successful collaborations with FoxWell at our "Tea and Theater" events. A large crowd turned out to see their hilarious performance of All In The Timing, and even the wait staff along with our audience was delighted with their scenes from Private Lives."
— Beth Wong, Café Kitanishi

"After watching FoxWell Productions' The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr, I realized that I hadn't laughed so hard in quite a long while. I had tears running down my face. [Weller and Fox] are both immensely talented and I am very much looking forward to the next show. FoxWell brought in their own stage for the first show they ever performed here. Since then I built a stage and have developed "Biscuit Coffeehouse Theatre" with the expectation that we will have many more FoxWell plays in the future."
— Ted Watkins, Gold Beach Books/Biscuit Coffeehouse

“We want to plan our next vacation to catch one of your shows.”

Murder by the Book
“Well done!  Your British accents were excellent; you speak better than I do.  The show is every bit as good as plays I’ve seen in the West End [London].”  (--an audience member from England)
“Very Funny!  Everyone was so good.  I laughed ‘til it hurt; my cheeks ache.”

It Had To Be You
"Hysterical! I loved the show... I was the one howling with laughter."

"We were so involved. Excellent choice of material!  Well fleshed out. You two didn't even need a set. We had to stand in back because of the SRO crowd... we absolutely loved it."

"I was very impressed (as usual) with your performance. I reiterate: you are outstanding actors. I really mean it!"

"Weller was fantastic as Theda Blau!!  You have been excellent in all the roles I've seen you do, but this one was a smash. Your timing was perfect."

"...just loved [your Florence show]. We laughed our heads off. If you ever go to Newport, please give me a call; I would like to have my mother see anything that you do. Thanks for a wonderful evening."

"Really enjoyed your performance in Florence. Come back again soon!"

All In The Timing
"Thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon but much, much too swift! Kudos to both..."

"We SO enjoyed your play... Do put us on your e-mail list. We want to know what, where, and when..."

The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr "was incredible. My sides hurt, but I couldn't stop laughing."

"... the second time we saw your show... enjoyed it even more this time. I saw things I had been laughing too hard to see the first time... Our cheeks hurt for hours afterwards... What a hoot!!"

Marriage Is Murder "was hysterically funny! So glad I did not miss it!"

Love Letters
"... an absolutely wonderful job. So funny, and yet so moving. Everybody was laughing and crying, even the men."

“Perhaps most difficult for the audience was trying to keep track of the story [Murder by the Book] through the laughter….Professionally done.…”
Bill Schlichting
    Curry Coastal Pilot, Nov. 25, 2006

"...Comic timing doesn't get any better than FoxWell Productions' Marriage is Murder... a gem... a sure-fire stress-buster... The real fun is watching [Fox and Weller's] dueling teamwork. The sparks fly between them as they bait, trick, and attack each other... This show deserves to be seen."
Linda Schnell, former theatre critic of The Roseburg News Review
     Curry Coastal Pilot, Nov. 20, 2004

"[FoxWell Productions' The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr] leaves the audience exhausted with laughter at the end of the show... Highly skilled actors... perform with gusto,... joyful abandon, rib-tickling lunacy [and] comic brilliance... inject new life into the Bard's timeless stories, reducing the poetry and diving right for the funny bone."
Brandy Carson, director and actress at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland
     Curry Coastal Pilot, Sept. 10, 2003

"Laughter was abundant [at FoxWell Productions' It Had To Be You]... a riot... It's no wonder the production was a hit... [Weller] ran away with the part."
Bill Schlichting
     Curry Coastal Pilot, Dec. 6, 2003

Michael S. Fox and Victoria Weller

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