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It Had to Be You, by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, is a two-person romantic "screwball" comedy. Desperate for love and success, struggling actress Theda decides that successful TV producer Vito is "the one." She is determined to make him her dream come true, whether he likes it or not... even if she has to hold him hostage in her apartment.

Random Acts of Comedy

A laugh-out-loud mixed bag of short comic pieces, which joyously skewer the theme of miscommunication between the sexes, using language as both a battleground and a playground. These pieces can be performed as a full evening's show or in any combination for shorter entertainments.

Nick Hall's murderous comedy, Marriage Is Murder; sparring ex-spouses and writing partners Paul and Polly Butler reunite to write another murder mystery-- for the money. Their writing process involves rehearsing their fictional crimes to test for accuracy, but when old grudges boil to the surface, who knows when a pretend murder may turn lethal...

The riotous Compleat Wrks Of Wllm Shkspr is a wild sendup of all 37 of the Bard's plays, in which the total performance time is reduced to 97 minutes and all parts are portrayed by three actors. It's Shakespeare as conceived by the Marx Brothers, performed by the Three Stooges in Monty Python style. Written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield.

Love Letters by A.R. Gurney; a funny, moving performance piece which follows the turbulent, bittersweet relationship of Andy and Melissa through the amusing, touching, exasperating letters they exchange over a lifetime. Can be performed very simply with minimum set.

Murder Is News by Michael S. Fox; an audience participation murder mystery about murder in a newsroom. A good choice for dinner theatre. Can be the objective of a master class project.

Adam and Eve and Applesauce is a series of four side-splitting one-acts which celebrate the love between men and women, and the hilarity of their complete inability to effectively communicate with one another.  A dazzling comedy based on The Diaries of Adam and Eve, by Mark Twain.
Applesauce:  Slang.  Absurdity, baloney, farce, flapdoodle, folderol, foolishness, gobbledygook, jazz, jive, nonsense, silliness. 
 Usage: As snorted by Victoria’s Kansas grandmother to end an argument:  “Oh, applesauce!”

FoxWell Productions performs Murder by the Book, a comic thriller by Duncan Greenwood and Robert King.  This witty whodunit unfolds with more twists and turns than a corkscrew.  A murder mystery writer indulges in venomous word duels with his estranged wife until she shoots him.  Funny and macabre deadly games turn the tables more than once for victims and killers alike. Crisp, clever exchanges pepper this lighthearted and inventive thriller.

Faithful, by Chazz Palminteri, is a darkly funny, mind-bending thriller with whiplash plot zigzags. Hitman Tony is flummoxed by his intended victim, Margaret, whose husband Jack hired him to kill her for her infidelity. She wants him to kill Jack. Violent, comical twists ratchet up the tension.
Recommended for mature audiences.

Power Short Shorts, A sparkling concoction of several 10-20 minute comic pieces weighing the wobbly balance of power between men and women (not to mention friends, enemies, authority figures and their subordinates).
These pieces can be performed as a full evening's show or in any combination for shorter entertainments.

Scenes from Private Lives, Noel Coward's sophisticated comedy. Amanda and Elyot, divorced for five years and on their honeymoons with new spouses, bump into each other; sparks fly as love rekindles. Perfect entertainment for an afternoon tea.

Cabaret Acts include, among several others, the comedy of George Burns and Gracie Allen, Weller's impersonation of Marlene Dietrich singing Falling In Love Again, and Fox's deep, raspy version of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World.

Michael S. Fox and Victoria Weller

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